Disney Village

Roasting coffee beans

77700 Chessy Paris, FR-75 77700, France.

Registered for LEED® certification.

Disney Village is the shopping, dining and entertainment center of Disneyland Paris, which welcomes 14 million visitors a year. This beautiful store in the heart of Disney Village looks back towards the 1930s-era of European clean, modernist design – and it looks forward as an example of what green design can accomplish.

This building was originally designed by architect Frank Gehry with signature towers of stainless steel. We renovated the existing Gehry towers to naturally ventilate the space. The building is registered for LEED® certification.

Notable Store Elements

  • Wood in the store comes from retired barrels reclaimed from the French wine industry.
  • The countertop uses a material containing recycled mobile phone parts.
  • The face of the bar is scrap leather obtained from shoe and car factories.
  • Chairs are reclaimed from other stores and reupholstered to save them from landfills.
  • The coffee stamp artwork was made using reclaimed wood Entryway floor mats are made using recycled rubber from French aircraft tires.
  • Low-flow taps and dual-flush toilets in our WCs help to conserve water.
  • The ventilation system uses natural convection-exhausting heat to significantly reduce energy use.
  • Using LED and CFL light bulbs further reduces our energy use.