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We are looking for bilingual (English/Vietnamese) individuals who have a passion for customer satisfaction, who believe in teams and care about others, who can work until late at night or be at work early in the morning, who know that hard working is rewarded with professional growth as well as financially, individuals that get excited about coffee and its history and more important that want to learn and are open minded!

Come join us, we will walk you through a fantastic career path and show you how Social Responsibility, commitment and eagerness to grow can coexist in this amazing company.

Our core competences for all partners (employees)

  • Puts the customer First: Has a relentless focus on the customers. Understands what the customer wants and how to best deliver the experience
  • Works well with others: Listens and communicates well with others within and outside of Starbucks. Creates a team environment that is positive and productive
  • Leads Courageously: Takes personal responsibility to do the right thing, and persists in times of challenge or uncertainty. Adapts quickly to change and makes timely, thoughtful decisions.
  • Develops Continuously: Continuously seek opportunities to improve self and others. Leads with trust, honesty and commitment to hire, coach and develop partners to achieve their potential
  • Achieve Result: Understands what drives overall business success and is accountable to prioritize and deliver quality results. Demonstrates knowledge of core products and processes to get results. Anticipates obstacles and takes action to prevent or minimize their impact.

Career Path



Barista position (click here for job requirements)

Shift Supervisor position (click here for job requirements)

Assistant Store Manager (click here for job requirements)

Store Manager (click here for job requirements)

District Manager (click here for job requirements)

Internship & Partime job

Starbucks Vietnam is pleased to offer opportunities to upcoming graduates and recent graduates that may improve their skills in the form of an internship. After the internship period that takes from two to three months, if potential candidate performance well, he or she may be considered for a permanent position.

We also bring a job opportunity to student or candidate who prefer to work part time job and meet the conpany’s requirements in resource for retail operation of each store. The parttime partner is entitiled to tranferred to full time Partner after three working months.

Recruitment news & events

CSR - Coperate Social Responsibility

In April, Starbucks Vietnam team together with Nippon Paint Vietnam and Saigon Projects Company committed to refurbish the library of the 15/5 School in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The team has finished the library in 2 working days on 17 & 25 April where we painted and cleaned the room on the first day and moved in the furniture and books on the second day. The team also brought in new bookshelves, chairs, new lights and many books to the library.

Here are some photos of the activities with Starbucks Vietnam team at the school.

Starbucks Vietnam team at the school

How to apply for jobs

For the Barista Position, please:

- Fill in our online application form by clicking this form 

- Send your CV via

- Directly apply at the store you like to work at

For other positions, please send us your CV via email: