Starbucks Rewards™ FAQs

Section 1: Questions About Starbucks Card

  1. What is a Starbucks Card?
    A Starbucks Card is a physical Starbucks branded plastic card that is a reusable card that customers can load money onto and use to make purchases at Starbucks stores only.
  2. Where can I get a Starbucks Card?
    Starbucks Cards are available at all Starbucks stores in Vietnam.
  3. How do I activate my Starbucks Card?
    Starbucks Card must be activated at the minimum value of VND100,000 per card for the first use at all times.
  4. Where can I use my Starbucks Card?
    Starbucks Cards are accepted at all Starbucks stores in Vietnam only.
  5. Can I use my Starbucks Card when I travel internationally?
    Starbucks Cards activated in Vietnam can be used to collect Stars or redeem rewards in all Starbucks stores in Vietnam only.
  6. How do I register my Starbucks Card?
    It's easy and only takes a few minutes to register your Starbucks Card through Mobile application or In addition to the required personal information, you'll need your card's 16-digit number and its CSC (Card Security Code), which is an 8-digit number that can be found under the scratch-off coating on the back of your card.
  7. Why should I register my Starbucks Card at or mobile application?
    Registering your Starbucks Card at or mobile application signs you up to enjoy Starbucks Rewards™ Program in Vietnam. With registered card, you can manage your card and balance in a variety of ways online, collect Stars and earn rewards, like a free drink, with every purchase. You can also protect the balance of your registered Starbucks card if it's lost, stolen or destroyed.
  8. May I reload my Starbucks Card has?
    Yes, you can reload your Starbucks Card at any Starbucks store in Vietnam by cash or credit/debit card.
  9. How do I report a lost or stolen Starbucks Card?
    If your Starbucks Card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you may lose the Starbucks Card balance, except for the Star balance in case of the registered Starbucks Card. Please call Customer Care Center in Vietnam at (028) 7306 7676 or log-in and notify at mobile application to report a registered Starbucks card as lost, stolen or destroyed. Our opening hours are 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 12pm Saturdays excluding Sundays and public holidays.
  10. Is there any limitation on reloading?
    Starbucks Card can be reloaded in denominations of Vietnamese Dong for any amount between VND50,000 and VND5,000,000, provided that VND5,000,000 is the maximum amount a card can hold at any time.
  11. How can I check my Starbucks Card balance?
    You can check your Starbucks Card balance at or the mobile application, if applicable, or ask the barista at any Starbucks stores.
  12. How do I use my Starbucks Card for payment?
    Please present your Starbucks Card or barcode on mobile application to the barista upon payment.
  13. Can I get a refund from my Starbucks Card?
    Once the value is loaded, you cannot request a refund.
  14. Does a Starbucks Card have an expiry date?
    A non-registered Starbucks Card has a duration of three (03) years as from the last financial transaction by using such non-registered Starbucks Card. The “financial transaction” shall be one of the following actions:
    • Activation
    • Reload
    • Redemption Rewards for a registered Starbucks Card
    • Fund Transfer (as defined herein below) between the registered Starbucks Cards.
    After that day, such Starbucks Card become invalid.
  15. If I reload my card outside Vietnam, can I use the money to purchase and get rewards in Vietnam?
    Starbucks Card can only be used to make purchases and be reloaded in any participating store in Vietnam. Please be also advised that earn your Stars or redeem your rewards solely at Starbucks stores in Vietnam.

Section 2: Questions About Starbucks Rewards™ Program

  1. How do I join Starbucks Rewards™ Program with my Starbucks Cards?
    You can enroll in Starbucks Rewards™ Program and begin accumulating Stars by visiting or installing applicable mobile application and following prompts to create a Starbucks Rewards™ account and register at least one (1) activated physical Starbucks Card to such account. Upon signing up an account, you will receive a verification email to your email address that is used for signing up and activating your account
  2. How many Starbucks Rewards™ accounts can I have at any time?
    You can have one (1) Starbucks Rewards™ account only. If you have more than one (1) Starbucks Rewards™ account, Starbucks may determine in its sole discretion that you have violated these Terms of Use. Starbucks may, in its sole discretion, suspend, cancel or combine accounts that appear to be duplicative. In the event that your participation into Starbucks Rewards™ Program is terminated, then all coupons and accumulated Stars in your account are void.
  3. How many Starbucks Cards can I register/add to my Starbucks Rewards™ account?
    You can register / add maximum twenty (20) activated Starbucks Cards in your Starbucks Rewards™ account.
  4. Can I transfer the registered Starbucks Card balance between my registered Starbucks Cards?
    The Balance of a registered Starbucks Card can be fully transferred to another registered Starbucks Card balance within one account, but the partial transfer is not permitted. The transferred Starbucks Card becomes empty yet remains active for further reloading and use. The invalid Starbucks Card is defined as no Stars earned. The transfer of Starbucks Card balance can be only performed personally by you via our website or on mobile application.
  5. How does the Starbucks Rewards™ Program work?
    It’s as easy as paying with your registered Starbucks Card at any Starbucks store to earn Stars. You use the registered Starbucks Card or Barcode on mobile application to the barista as paying any purchase at any Starbucks stores in Vietnam, the total amount of the purchase will be recorded in your Starbucks account. You can also collect Stars with every orders on GrabFood.

    For every VND 40,000 spent when you fully pay by using your registered Starbucks Card, one (1) Star will be earned to your Starbucks Rewards™ account.

    For every VND 80,000 spent when you complete your order from any Starbucks stores on GrabFood (after deducting any incentives, discounts, and excluding delivery fees, fixed fees or other fees as regulated by Grab), one (1) Star will be earned to your Starbucks Rewards™ account.

    There must be at least 01 sale transaction made on the account after a successful registration to be eligible to enjoy the benefits of Starbucks Rewards­TM.

    Green Level: Upon registering, we will automatically enter you into the Green Level of the Starbucks Rewards™ program, which means you will receive the following benefits:
    • One "Buy one get one" offer on tall or above-sized beverages upon earning your first five (5) stars (Free drink offer is valid for 1 months after earned)
    • One complimentary slice of cake in your birthday month. (Free slice of cake offer is valid in birthday month)
    Gold Level: Earn 100 Stars in 12 consecutive months from the anniversary registration date of your Starbucks Rewards™ Card to reach Gold Level, or earn 100 Stars in 12 consecutive months from the anniversary Gold Level reaching date of your Starbucks Rewards™ Card to maintain the Gold Level. Gold Level benefits include:
    • All Green Level benefits (subject to certain conditions), plus:
    • “Buy one get one" Reward as reaching the Gold level for the first time (Free drink offer is valid for 1 months after date of reward)
    • One Free Drink Reward to redeem for a free tall beverage with every 25 Stars collected (Free drink offer is valid for 1 month after date of reward)
    • Exclusive offers and promotions
  6. What is a Star and how do I earn one?
    You will earn Stars and receive in-store benefits simply by fully paying for a transaction with any Starbucks Card registered to your account at any Starbucks stores in Vietnam. You can track your Stars online or on your device by logging into your account at Or using mobile application.
  7. How are Stars earned?
    One Star will be earned for every VND 40,000 spent from your Starbucks account with registered Starbucks Card or mobile application at Starbucks stores in Vietnam or every VND 80,000 spent from your completed orders on GrabFood (after deducting any incentives, discounts, and excluding delivery fees, fixed fees or other fees as regulated by Grab). Earning of Stars is attained only through purchases in-store and does not include loading of monetary value into Starbucks Card(s).
  8. Can I earn Stars if I pay with cash or a credit or debit card instead of my registered Starbucks Card?
    To earn Stars on your purchases at Starbucks stores in Vietnam, you must pay with a registered Starbucks Card/ We can't award you Stars and reward you for purchases made with another form of payment. You can use your credit card or cash to reload your Starbucks Card.
  9. Do my Stars expire?
    Yes, after registering, you have 12 months to accumulate one hundred (100) Stars to reach Gold Level.

    To maintain your Gold Level, you must re-qualify each subsequent 12 months by earning at least 100 Stars and your Star count will be reset on your anniversary date (12 months from the date you reach the Gold level). For your information, the reset at Gold Level means the Stars balance after dividend by 25, and not more than 25 Stars. Otherwise, you will be placed at the Green level and your Star balance will automatically reset to zero (0) on your anniversary date.

    As the Green Level, failure to earn one hundred (100) Stars in a twelve (12)-month period for upgrading the Gold Level, you will remain at the “Green Level” and your Star balance will be reset to zero (0) on your anniversary date.
  10. How are the Stars used?
    The Stars are simply used to determine the level of membership and accumulate to Free Drinks Rewards for a free beverage. Please refer to the table below for information on membership level.
    Number of Stars Membership Level
    0-99 Green
    100 - 100+ Gold
  11. Do I have to bring my registered Starbucks Card to earn Stars?
    At the moment, you will need to make purchase by your registered Starbucks Card in order for us to log your Stars. If you have downloaded the mobile application onto your phone, and have signed in using the same email address in which you have registered, you can also make your payment through presenting relevant barcode on mobile application to the barista at a Starbucks store. For details, please go to
  12. How soon will I be able to see the Stars I’ve earned after using my registered Starbucks Card?
    Stars earned from using your registered Starbucks Card will be available on your account at the earliest after the transaction is completed or within 48 hours.
  13. How do I redeem the offers?
    Just tell to the barista in any of the Starbucks stores in Vietnam that you would like to redeem your reward. You may scan the barcode on your mobile application or simply present one of your registered Starbucks Cards. In addition, you must fully pay for the transaction (except redeeming free rewards) with your registered Starbucks Card in order to earn or redeem the rewards.
    Reminder: Different rewards have their respective expiry dates. Your redeemable Stars will expire on your anniversary date while other rewards in your Starbucks account will expire upon the conditions of that promotion. You can track your rewards at our website or through Mobile application. Please be sure to redeem your rewards before they expire.
  14. Any time-limit in collecting Stars to reach the next level?
    The Stars accumulated will be calculated annually on your membership expiry date anniversary date (the date you qualified for the current level of membership) to determine the level of membership you are in. Stars accumulated will be calculated independently each year.
  15. How do I maintain Gold Level status?
    You will be at Gold Level for a full year from that date at which you reach Gold Level status, which is your new program anniversary date. Simply earn 100 additional Stars before your anniversary date (the date you earned Gold) and continue to enjoy all of the Gold level benefits for another year.
  16. Is there a fee to join Starbucks Rewards™?
    There is no membership fees associated with Starbucks Rewards™ Program.
  17. Can I view my transaction history?
    You can view your transaction history through our website or download our mobile application and access it in your Account Transaction History.
  18. Can I view my list of rewards?
    You can view your list of rewards through our website or download our mobile application and through it you will also be able to view your list of rewards.
  19. How do I check your Starbucks Card balance?
    You can log into your account and view the remaining values via our website Alternatively, you can also download our mobile application and through it you will also be able to see the remaining values on your card, or visit at any Starbucks store in Vietnam and check with the barista.
  20. After I have received printed physical receipt, can I check transaction history in Starbucks app?
    Yes, you can check the all transaction records of your registered Starbucks Cards in the Mobile application (Account Transaction History) or website in section My Profile. The detail is the same as the printed receipt.
  21. What if I lose my registered Starbucks Card?
    If your registered Starbucks Card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you may lose the Starbucks Card balance. However, you may protect the Star balance on your Starbucks Rewards™ account if lost, stolen or destroyed by notifying it at or mobile application or calling to our Starbucks Rewards™ Customer Care Center at (028) 7306 7676, and confirming your instruction, or request for a replacement card if the account has only one registered Starbucks Card.
  22. What if my Star balance doesn’t look right? Who do I contact?
    We want to make sure the balance on your account reflects your purchases accurately. If the total number of Stars doesn’t appear to be correct, please contact our Customer Care Hotline: (028) 7306 7676.
    Be sure to have your 16-digit Starbucks Card number available with you for verification purposes. Please note that the detailed allocation of Stars and transaction history are updated every 48 hours.
  23. Why is registration necessary in order to join the program?
    Registering your Starbucks Card is the only way to join the Starbucks Rewards™ Program. Your enrollment signs you up to enjoy special offers and rewards available exclusively for Starbucks Rewards members. Additionally, by registering your card, you receive Stars balance protection in case your card is ever lost, stolen or destroyed. Finally, with the registered card, you can manage your account and card(s) in a variety of ways, including making payments through the Starbucks Vietnam mobile application.
    Please note that a valid email address, mailing address, birth month and mobile number is required when registering your card.
  24. Can the card be refunded?
    Any amount/value stored in your card cannot be refunded.
  25. Can the Stars in my account be transferred to someone else?
    Sorry, Stars collected in each account can only be used by that account holder, and cannot be transferred to another account.
  26. Can I transfer a Starbucks Rewards™ membership to someone else?
    Sorry, memberships are non-transferable and cannot be shared with family members, friends and others.
  27. How does Starbucks protect my privacy after I register my Starbucks Card?
    Please read our Privacy Policy for details.
  28. Will my data provided be given to other companies?
    The information you provide will only be used for us to stay in touch with you and we may share such information for the purposes and within the scope as provided in our Privacy Policy. Please read our Privacy Policy for details.
  29. Are all Starbucks Card eligible for Starbucks Rewards™ benefits?
    All registered Starbucks Cards are eligible. Cards purchased or registered outside of Vietnam are not accepted as forms of tender and will not earn Stars or Starbucks Rewards benefits. Only one Starbucks Rewards™ Card may be registered per account.
  30. Why can’t I update the Mobile application to the latest version on my smartphone?
    If you are an existing user of the Mobile application (iOS/Android version) and you cannot update the app to the latest version automatically, simply uninstall the existing app and download the latest version from the App Store/Google Play Store to discover the new features.