Conduit Street

Roasting coffee beans

2/3 Conduit St., London, United Kingdom W1S 2BX.

This store at the heart of London offers a stylish café presence. It’s definitely a place to be seen, with large windows giving a great view to and from the street. For large groups and the evening crowd, the basement offers an eclectic, lounge-like atmosphere with soft, inviting seating. The design relates to the character and sophistication of this particular neighborhood. It includes found objects, reclaimed regional materials and elements saved from the previous tenant. Several environmental initiatives imbedded throughout the design including reclaimed regional materials and energy efficient lighting.

Notable Store Elements

  • The wood used for shelving comes from fallen oak trees from Wales.
  • Reclaimed wood panels come from the salvaged floor boards of a demolished hotel in Kent.
  • Hardwoods come from a member of a European sustainable forestry commission program.
  • Artwork comes from old tea boxes found in Bolton and saved from a landfill.
  • The wooden frames are made from beams of a demolished Victorian-era brewery.
  • Energy saving LED lighting was also installed.